Steamed Mussels the Belgian Way

Beer Used: 

Makes 2 servings:
* 4 Pounds of fresh mussels (+/- 35 per person)
* 1 Wittekerke beer (11.2oz)
* 2 chopped celery stalks
* 1 chopped carrot
* 1 chopped leek (white)
* 1 medium chopped onion
* 1 twig thyme
* Salt (a pinch)
* 1 red Jalapeno pepper
* spices: 1 teaspoon mixed paprika powder (1/3), curry powder (1/3), cayenne powder (1/3)
* Parsley (chopped)

How to prepare:
Removing beards from fresh mussels: give a quick rinse in the sink by rubbing mussels together. This removes any soft exterior growth that may be on the mussels.
Hint: Pull the beard from the “little” end of the shell toward the big round end of the shell.

Place all ingredients except the mussels and the parsley in a large pot (to be able to shake and toss up later) and bring to boil.
Then add mussels all at once. Let boil again, cover mussels and broth, shake up occasionally, to bring the top mussels in the broth, and to mix the vegetables with the mussels. The mussels will open in about 5-6 minutes.

When the mussels have steamed open, place them (together with some broth and vegetables) in the Wittekerke Mussel pot. Garnish with Parsley.

Serve with French bread or French fries and mayonnaise.
Enjoy this truly delicious meal with a nice cold Wittekerke beer.

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