Piraat's Sole with Shoots op Hops

Beer Used: 

Makes 4 servings:
- depending on the size of the soles, one fish for one or for 2 people
- 12 oz of the hops’ shoots
- have 1.5 pint of fish bouillon ready
- 6 bottles of Piraat 11.2 oz
- a pound of mixed shopped vegetables: shallot, carrot, leek and celery
- a table spoon of olive oil.

How to prepare:
- as the cook, you deserve a half bottle of Piraat during cooking. Only a half bottle, we need the rest.
- start boiling the fish bouillon, add one bottle of Piraat. When this liquid starts boiling, add the fish to poach for about 5 minutes.
- at the same time emerge the hops shoots in boiling water for a couple of minutes.
- Take both fish and shoots out of their liquid, and keep them warm.
- stir fry the vegetables in the olive oil.

- The sauce. Two options:
FIRST OPTION: you have Lobster Bisque available. A bisque is a thick lobster soup, prepared with spices and vegetables. You need:
- 4 oz of Lobster Bisque
- 4 oz of whipping cream
- fresh tarragon
* Boil the lobster bisque. When boiling point is reached, add the cream, and a half bottle of Piraat. Stir and make sure the whole mix does not boil anymore. Add pepper and salt to bring to taste. Add the tarragon at the end.

SECOND OPTION: Use Knorr’s Newburg Sauce Mix. You need:
- Knorr’s Newburg Sauce Mix
- fresh tarragon
- 3/4 cup of milk
- 1 oz of whipping cream
- sambal oelek (ground fresh chili paste)
* Mix the Newburg Sauce mix into the milk and 1/2 bottle of Piraat. Stir and let it come to the boiling point. Add sambal oelek (a point of a knife), the tarragon, and the cream. Stir and ready. Don't let it boil again. Bring to taste with pepper if wanted.

- arrange half of the sole on a pre heated plate. Divide the hops shoots on the fish. arrange the other half of the sole on top, to cover the hops shoots. Like making a sandwich. Pour plenty of sauce over. Arrange the stirred vegetables on the side of the plate
- Every one deserves a bottle of Piraat Triple IPA, poured in the snifter glass.