Piraat Cheese Fondue

Beer Used: 

How to prepare:
Slice a pound Emmentaler or Gruyère cheese in small pieces, and straw 2 teaspoons of flower on top of it. Empty a bottle of Piraat Ale in a pan, heat the liquid up, and put the pieces of cheese in the beer. While continuously stirring with a wooden spoon the cheese will melt in the beer.

Bring the “porridge” to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Take your fondue-pan, smear it with a clove of garlic, and empty your melted cheese-beer porridge into the fondue-pan, and put this pan in the middle of the table above a candle light or a plate-heater.
The purpose is to keep the cheese-fondue simmer. Take 4 fresh eggyolks, batter them and stir the liquid into the fondue. Ready.

Dip pieces of brown bread and enjoy.