Cherish Belgian Waffels

Makes 24 waffles:
- 1.1 pound of self rising flour
- 1.1 pint milk
- 4 eggs
- 8 oz. sugar
- 6 oz. butter
- 2 sachets Original Vanilla Sugar Oetker (2 x .32 oz.)
- 1 bottle Cherish Raspberry Lambic 8.4 oz., you need 7 oz.
- 1 teaspoon Baking Soda
- a waffle iron

How to prepare:
Stir flour, milk and egg yolks to a mix. Melt the butter, and stir it with the sugar, the vanilla sugar, the baking soda and the beer into your flour mix. Beat the egg white stiff, and mix it gently into the waffle mix right before baking.

Heat your iron, and bake the most delicious Belgian waffles you've ever had. Decorate to taste with powder sugar, whipped cream and fresh raspberries.