Pike-perch with Prosciutto Ham and Black Olives in a Wittekerke Sauce

Beer Used: 

For 4 people:

6 slices of Prosciutto ham
1/2 red and 1/2 green pepper
1 aubergine
1 fennel root
4 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. black olives
1 onion
1 bottle of Wittekerke
1 pound pike perch
4 tbsp. cream
Freshly ground pepper, salt
Lemon juice
2 oz mushrooms
1 tbsp. capers
4 deseeded tomatoes
4 sticks of chervil

How to prepare:
1. Dry 4 slices of Prosciutto ham for 1 hour in a preheated oven at 250°F.
2. Shred the peppers, the fennel and the aubergine and simmer for 20 minutes in olive oil.
3. Add the minced olives and 2 slices of minced ham, keep warm.
4. Thinly cut the onion and sauté in some olive oil. Quench with Wittekerke and put the pike-perch in the pan. Season with pepper and salt, and simmer the fish for 8 minutes. Remove the fish and keep it warm.
5. Reduce the liquid to 1/3, add cream, reduce to half and finish off the sauce with a knob of butter. Season with pepper, salt and some lemon juice.
6. Arrange the vegetables in the middle of a preheated plate and place the fish on top.
7. Finish off the sauce with chipped tomatoes and chervil. Top around the fish and decorate with a slice of dried Prosciutto ham and a few fried spaghetti sticks

Recipe by David Demey from
the 'Bourgondisch Kruis' at Kuurne
Source: "Bier op het bord" lannoo/terra