Minced Steak Of Fresh Salmon With Yoghurt And Baked Young Spinach In A Wittekerke Sauce

Beer Used: 

For 4 people:

14 oz. fresh salmon
1.5 oz, yoghurt
3 oz. whipped cream
2.5 oz. mayonnaise
Red pepper
Minced chives
Freshly ground pepper, salt
4 slices of smoked salmon

For the sauce:
1 oz. cream
2 tbsp. Wittekerke beer

For the garnishing:
A handful of rice spaghetti
Olive oil
20 leaves of young spinach
12 asparagus sprouts
Freshly ground pepper
Sumac (dried and ground)

How to prepare:
1. Cut the fresh salmon into small pieces and mix with yoghurt, whipped cream, mayonnaise, red pepper and chipped chives. Blend into a homogenous mass and season with pepper and salt.

2. For the sauce, mix two tablespoons of Wittekerke with the yoghurt and the cream, and beat with a mixer.

3. Bake the rice spaghetti in olive oil until it becomes coloured. Be careful, for just as coffee beans, this kind of spaghetti continues colouring after it has been removed from the stove. Use a fair amount of oil: the spaghetti will absorb quite a bit of it.

4. Take a circle of 2.5 inch in diameter, where you will put the slices of smoked salmon. Stuff with the minced salmon steak. Refrigerate 2 hours until firm. Bake the spinach leaves in olive oil and cool off. In this way, the leaves will remain flat.

5. David first drew a few circles on the plate with the sauce. He then placed the minced salmon steak in the middle and planted the asparagus sprouts in the steak. He added the rice spaghetti diagonally on top of them and carefully placed the spinach leaves on the side.

6. Sprinkle with pepper and some sumac.

Recipe by David Demey from
the 'Bourgondisch Kruis' at Kuurne
Source: "Bier op het bord" lannoo/terra