The Gulden Draak Tower

Gulden Draak TowerThis custom made tower is made to order by a former American Micro Brewer exclusively for Global Beer Network. The tower is made of decorative concrete with the Gulden Draak sitting on top of a castle. The dragon’s eyes are two red LED lights which will last for 50k hours. The wiring snakes out the bottom of the tower and can be simply plugged into the wall or extension cord. The tower comes with three faucets with built in lines, and insulated glycol lines. Two black non-branded handles are also included for the second and third faucets. The tower can be installed by bolting it to the bar. Two holes are pre-drilled for the bolts.

The Gulden Draak brand is poured using the tail as a tap handle. Global Beer Network has a full line-up of over 50 different draft beers that you can pour out of the other two faucets.


  • Height 26.5” from bottom of the base to the top of the Dragon’s head
  • Base width 14”
  • Diameter of the tower is 4”
  • Depth of the base is 14 3/8”
  • Weight 35lbs


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