Abbey Asparagus


12 to 16 thick Asparagus, together about 2.2 lb
1 thick slice of ham, about 5 oz.
Salt, Pepper
4 oz. Butter, very cold
1 tbls chopped parsley
1 tbls chopped chive
4 tbls poultry stock
1.5 tsp Corn Starch
2 hard boiled eggs
some fingertips of Chervil or Cylantro
1 bottle (11.2 fl.oz.) AUGUSTIJN Abbey Ale.

How to prepare:

Peel Asparagus from top to bottom while thicking the peel.
Boil Asparagus in a good amount of water with salt for about 12 minutes until done. Keep warm.

Chop ham and mix with the parsley and the chive.
Bring the AUGUSTIJN Abbey Ale and the stock to boiling. Straw Corn Starch and stir everything heavy. Add salt and pepper.

Cut butter in pieces.
Take pan from fire and beat pieces of butter through the sauce.

Let warm Asparagus leak out on kitchenpaper.
Arrange Asparagus in the middle of pre-heated plate.
Pour the Sauce over Asparagus.

Stir ham with parsley and chive on top.
Arrange slices of egg and chervil or coriander around.


Serve with white toast (entree) or little boiled patatoes (main course)
Offer each of your guests an Augustijn Abbey Ale.