Since centuries on the Western side of Wallonia, the large farms of Hainaut were cultivating barley and hops. They all brewed their own beer. Today, the cultivation of hops has disappeared and the brewing activity became an independent activity about 160 years ago. Brasserie, which is the french word for brewery, de Silly is a perfect example of this evolution.
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We are excited to announce our new partnership with the award winning Brewery Boon. From the traditional Oude Geuze Lambic to Limited Editions to Fruit Lambics Boon is the gold standard. Boon brands are perennial award winners and consistently rank 90+ in ratings.
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In August 1894 Adolphe De Brabandere, farmer at the "Hof ter Koutere" submitted an application with the town council of Bavikhove for permission to “build a brewery”.
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This brewery was created in 2000 by 4 brew-engineers, after being graduated from KaHo St. Lieven in Gent, the best known brewing school of Flanders. Their names: Kristof De Roo, Rikkert Maertens, Stefaan Soetemans and Sven Suys. Just out of school, it was soon pretty clear to them that brew-master jobs are not easy to get in the Belgian beer world.
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Like many others of its kind, this brewery originated from a ploughland farm, that was also engaged in brewing beer for its own consumption.
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CHIMAY - AUTHENTIC TRAPPIST BEERS Brewed by monks inside the walls of the Scourmont Abbey since 1862, Chimay has served as the inspiration for Belgian ales all over the world.
The History
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This independent family brewery traces its origins back to 1629, when, for the first time, a document mentioned the local castle was adjacent to a brewery. Indeed, at that time, the noble family living in the castle secured the right to call themselves the "Earls of Watou".
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Czech brewers of Praga Premium Pils and Dark Lager  
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1898 - Joseph Ruwet returns from his trip to Normandy, France.
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The Abbey of the Tre Fontane is located in Rome in the sacred place where the martyrdom of St. Paul occurred in 67 AD. The Abbey takes its name from the three fountains which miraculously appeared where the head of the apostle hit the ground in three locations after he was beheaded. Hence the name, Tre Fontane (Three Fountains).
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