Watou Cuvée

Draft only - 30 Liter keg
Although this beer is recognized as a strong Belgian blond, you’ll discover a lightly sour-sweet yeasty fruit on a par with mildly malts and a refreshing flow of really fragrant, fruity hops with a mild bitterness. The finishing undertone is slightly tangy to render an intriguing contrast with the smooth flowery aftertaste, light on the carbonation, just sufficient to render a refreshing palate, against a medium body and moderate flavor profile.

Cuvée (pronounced koo-vay´) is a wine and beer
term, derived from the French word ‘cuve’ meaning
barrel or tank. Mostly the name is used for a blend
of the best base beers for a second fermentation.
The experienced blender is able to awaken the
fi nest nuances with his cultivated knowledge
through the blending process. In fact, the ambitious
blend of different styles, when successfully merged,
creates a delightful palate for the sophisticated beer
Brewery Van Eecke named Tripel 8 Cuvée Watou, in
honor of the village of Watou where they have been
brewing since 1624!

Compared to their fl agship ale, the 10% Tripel
ABT, this Tripel Cuvée Watou has a mild alcohol
percentage of only 8%, but with a full fl avor, a malty
taste and a subtle presence of Popering hops.