Troubadour Magma Tripel Yeast (Ltd. Ed.)

30 Liter keg, 750 ml Bottle
Every year, Brewery The Musketeers brews a one-batch only version of the flagship beer, Troubadour Magma, where 1 aspect of the brewing-recipe is changed. Troubadour Magma is an amber coloured Belgian Tripel India Pale Ale. A beer of 9% alcohol with the body of a Belgian Tripel and the exotic fruity flavours, coming from the American Simcoe Hop used during the dry-hopping. For the Special Editions of the last 3 years, the brewers were changing the hop, used during the dry-hopping. With Cascade Hop (US), Sorachi Ace (JP) and Galaxy (Aus), the whole world was explored, resulting in amazing effects on flavour & taste ! For this year’s Special Editiion, the brewers decided to walk away from the endless possibilities in hopvarities. Another, maybe the most important ingredient of beer is yeast. Yeast is transferring the sugars into alcohol and CO2. Traditionally, brewers use for the fermentation a yeast strain under the genus of Saccharomyces. Also well known, is another yeast strain, the Brettanomyces. For Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2014, as a world premiere, the brewers use 3 different yeast-species during the fermentation. This results in a version of Troubadour Magma which is even richer and has a more unique flavor pallet.