Troubadour Magma Tripel Spiked Brett (Ltd. Ed.)

30 Liter Kegs
Every year, Brewery The Musketeers brews only one batch of the flagship beer Troubadour Magma, where one aspect of the brewing recipe is changed. Troubadour Magma is an amber colored Belgian Tripel India Pale Ale. A 9.8% ABV beer with the body of a Belgian Tripel and the exotic fruity flavor from American Simcoe Hop used during the dry-hopping. The Tripel YEAST edition of 2014 was a world première. After three years of carefully selected hops, Troubadour Magma was fermented with three different yeast strains: an unique combination of Non-Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces yeast. This created a fantastic flavor experience. For the Special Edition of 2015, The Musketeers go a step further in the world of yeast fermentation. Brettanomyces includes different species, each of which gives its own character to the beer, and also each with unique properties in function of the different stages of the fermentation. This was the base of the idea of spiking the saccharomyces yeast with 3 different species of Brettanomyces in the three fermentation phases (main fermentation, lagering and refermentation in the bottle/keg). “Spiking” is the deliberate adding of organisms/substances to obtain a certain effect or (bio)-chemical reaction. For the Special Edition of 2015, different species of Brettanomyces are added to the standard used yeast. Brettanomyces is very resistant to alcohol, leading to more and longer fermentation of sugars. This creates a unique additional flavor impact and an extra long shelf life and taste evolution.