Troubadour Magma

11.2 oz bottles-4pk, 25.4 fl oz bottle, 30 Liter keg
Pale Blond
Hop bitterness of an American IPA with the fruity characteristics of a Belgian triple.

While it is cool to be a craft brewer in the U.S. battling against the huge brewing conglomerates, to be a craft brewer in Belgium takes a real stomach.  The Musketeers incorporated in the year 2000, competes with breweries with centuries of history and tradition and they are winning the battle!

Troubadour Magma haa won the gold medal at Zythos, the most prestigious beer competition in Belgium.  This is an amazing task given that an IPA is a non-traditional beer style in Belgium.  This beer combines the best features of a balanced Belgian ale with the floral hoppyness of a great American IPA.  One try and you will thank these Musketeers for being so courageous.

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