Scotch Silly

11.2 oz bottles-4pk clip, 25.4 Liter keg
Scotch Ale with a smooth, really velvety taste and a hoppy bitterness. It is brewed with pure malt, English hops and some sugars.
Food Pairings: 
Hearty dishes like soups and stews. An excellent dessert beer. When served cold with spicy curry and jalapeno dishes, the sweetness of the beer balances the spiciness of the food.

Brasserie de Silly, a sixth generation independent family brewer, is located South West of Brussels in the Hainaut Province of Wallonia.  Silly is a little dormant farming village just outside the old city of Enghien, which was once world famous for its tapestries.  Larger farms used to have their own brewery up to well into the 20th century.

The written history of the Brasserie de Silly starts in 1852, when Nicolas Meynsbrughen bought the farm and started to keep records on his brewing activities.  All farming activities were ended around 1950, when the focus turned to brewing quality beers.

One of the greatest Scotch Ales of the world.  Since WWI destroyed the hops growing in Belgium, and the British army had access to hops from Kent in England, this beer has been brewed since it creation exclusively with Kent hops.

The velvety mouth feel, the darker red-ruby color, and the licorice undertones are typical for a real Scotch Ale.  Candy sugar is added with the yeast in the bottle, and in the keg, for the refermentation.

This extra touch of sweetness is clearly present.

Only after aging for over 10 years, does it diminish and does a dryer taste emerge.

One of the best lace-producing beers of Belgium.  Lace, meaning the sticky and beautiful foam traces left on the inside of your glass while you savor the beer in small sips.

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