Joseph Spelt Ale

25.4 fl oz bottle
A nice malty background with lemon zest, pepper, and a hint of wheat. Fruity notes with hints of apple and banana.
Food Pairings: 
It is a very light and refreshing beer, 100% natural, brewed along the finest artisan Belgian traditions. Seafood and Salads.

There is no question that Joseph is a Belgian Wheat beer.  This is obvious by its cloudy look, the way it feels in the mouth, and its aroma.  However, the taste of this certified organic beer sets it apart from the commercially known Belgian wheat beers.  Spelt is the ancestor of the wheat family (wheat is spelta in Latin).  It’s getting new attention nowadays, especially by people who like health food – non-processed, organic food.  Contrary to regular wheat, spelt is pretty much still the same as it was many centuries ago.  It’s also called ‘poor man’s wheat’, and it can grow on poorer grounds, such as the grounds that are patched in between the woods around Silenrieux.

The Joseph Spelt Ale is slightly fruity, and has a very pale color with a beautiful bright white head.  Although you can pour a nice, clear looking glass of Joseph, it is recommended to roll or slightly shake the bottle before opening, to serve a more cloudy glass of this refreshing and unfiltered beer.  Joseph goes very well with salads, and with seafood.  It is light in alcohol only 5% alcohol by volume.  A great beer to enjoy with lunch.

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