Chimay Dorée Ale

11.2 oz 4 pack bottes, 750 Bottles and 30 Liter Kegs
Dorée (Gold) has been brewed inside the abbey walls since 1862, but was only available for the private consumption of the monks. They did not want to hurt local breweries who brewed light-drinking beers called Bier de Ménage or “household beer.” Thankfully in 2013 this drinkable Trappist style was allowed to leave the abbey walls. Named “Dorée” for its delicate golden color, this refreshingly crisp ale brings a delicious balance of citrus and spice. A fluffy white head releases the aromas of summer fruits followed by sparkling mouthfeel which ends with a hint of bitterness.

CHEESE PAIRING:  LE POTEAUPRÉ - Its round shape, its bloomy crust, its smooth and creamy texture, its sharp, strong and distinctive taste make this cheese the cream of Trappist cheeses.

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